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About Betty Harder & Associates Inc.

We are Betty Harder & Associates Inc. (BHA) and we have administered Accountant’s Professional Liability Insurance (APLI) for over 40 years beginning in 1967. The Georgia Society of CPA’s had the very first state endorsed APLI program. BHA was selected to administer their coverage. It was only later that the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) selected the same program and carrier. We are not the largest administrator but we feel we are the best and we are the oldest.

We incorporated The National CPA Risk Purchasing Group, Inc. in GA in 1988 as a result of Congress passing the Risk Retention Act of 1986. Our Accountants Professional Liability Insurance Group Program is available to CPA’s in 19 states where we are approved to do business. Our Group Program is underwritten by Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s. Among the benefits enjoyed by our Group Program members, is having an attorney available to answer questions or concerns regarding loss prevention or liability risks.

About Underwriters at Lloyd’s

“Lloyd’s of London” styled simply as Lloyd’s is a British insurance and reinsurance market and considered the oldest insurance market in the world. Lloyd’s had its beginning in Edward Lloyd’s Coffee House around 1688 in London. Lloyd’s Coffee House became a popular place for sailors, merchants and shop owners because Edward Lloyd provided them with reliable shipping news. Good information on the lost vessels at sea or when due in port had a profound effect on the livelihood of the people who frequented the Coffee House. This group of people used the information regarding the shipping trade to discuss and provide insurance deals relating to the dependability of the schedule of ships.

Lloyd’s has played an important role in the catastrophes of the world. After the San Francisco earthquake in 1906 Lloyd’s paid all polices, despite the terms of the policies and they still have that same reputation today. Lloyd’s is the oldest, most respected and considered the most claims-friendly insurer in business today.

Lloyd’s is widely recognized as being extremely claims-friendly. Evidence of this is by the ease with which CPA defense attorneys work with Lloyd’s on behalf of Lloyd’s insured’s.

Below are just some comments by defense attorneys of our Lloyd’s of London insured’s

Lloyd’s CPA Defense Attorney in Atlanta, GA:
“Of the many insurance carriers who retain me to defend their insured’s, Lloyd’s is without a doubt the easiest to work with and most prompt in terms of both their responsiveness to defense issues and payment of defense costs.

With the advent of third-party audit reviewers of most legal billings, Lloyd’s remains a stand-out in terms of reasonableness and promptness of payment. From my venue in Atlanta, I can always count on the availability of my adjuster via email or phone and I usually get a response the same day.

While knowledgeable of the claim and appropriately inquisitive as to my strategies and recommendation, I have never been in the least bit handcuffed or thwarted in my vigorous defense of an Insured of Lloyd’s.

If all of my clients were insured by Lloyd’s, I would be a much happier lawyer.”

Lloyd’s CPA Defense Attorney in Mobile, AL:
“I have been a practicing attorney for 38 years in Mobile, Alabama, and have primarily had an insurance defense practice… It has been my experience that Lloyd’s does not hesitate to spend money to defend its insured’s. Domestic insurers often are reluctant to spend money for experts or tests that Lloyds is willing to spend”

Lloyd’s CPA Defense Attorney in Kansas City, MO:
“As defense counsel for various CPAs in our region, we have always found the Lloyd’s claims representatives to be knowledgeable, reasonable, and responsive in helping us resolve lawsuits — whether by motion practice, compromise settlement, or trial.”

Lloyd’s CPA Defense Attorney in New Orleans, LA:
“We value our relationship with your agency and Underwriters at Lloyds. We have always received prompt, courteous and efficient responses to any inquiry while defending CPA claims in Louisiana. Your office and Lloyds have made our jobs much easier with detailed analysis and prompt payment of claims.”