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Policy Features

Betty Harder & Associates Accountants Professional Liability Insurance Policy Features “Claims Made”

  • Our policy is a “Claims Made” policy. A “Claims Made” policy covers claims brought during the policy period. It may cover claims that arise for work performed prior to the policy period provided there has been continuous coverage, no previous knowledge of such claim and meets underwriting considerations.
  • Protection for covered acts, errors or omissions in the performance of your professional accounting services extends to all employees and representatives acting on behalf of your firm, whether fulltime, part-time or temporary including any new employees who join your staff during the policy period.
  • Policy pays on behalf of the Named Insured.
  • Provides Innocent Insured Coverage
  • Protects Named Insured and employees. Also may cover predecessor firms.
  • Will not settle claim without Insured’s consent.
  • Offers an extended reporting period.
  • Local claims representation in all states in which our Group Program is available.


CPA Professional Liability Insurance Eligibility

Most small to medium sized CPA firms that do not do SEC work and do not do a high percentage of audit are eligible for our Group Program. Depending on the nature of your firm’s practice, our Group Accountants Program may help you reduce your insurance costs. By being selective in the clients which are accepted for coverage, we are able to hold our rates down.

CPA Professional Liability Insurance Options

We have two Programs available:

  1. Program # 1 – Is $100,000 in low cost coverage designed for small firms with low exposure. The coverage in this policy is limited to tax, bookkeeping and compilations. For a full service policy see Program # 2.
  2. Program # 2 – Is designed for the full service CPA firm, limits available from $150,000 to $2,000,000.

NOTES: Policy coverage, terms and conditions are only briefly outlined here. For complete provisions, please refer to the policy itself. A copy is available upon request from Betty Harder & Associates, Inc.

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