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Accountants Professional Liability Insurance Coverage

Our Group Accountants Professional Liability Program has been designed for small and mid-sized accounting firms. Our program provides coverages for negligent acts, errors or omissions of the Insured, or any other person for whose acts the Insured is legally responsible for which arises out of professional accounting services for others.

Lawsuits against accountants arise not only because of an alleged mistake on the accountants part, but also because of errors or omissions on the part of employees for whose acts the accountant is held responsible. Today’s liability claims have gone beyond simple errors and omissions and can now include business advice, business failure and misunderstandings regarding the scope of engagements, to name a few. The potential for litigation exists, not only from clients, but from a host of third parties, who rely upon the information provided in various considerations.

Faced with an economy more challenging than ever, your client may target you, their accountant, to offset their losses in the event of bankruptcy or other financial difficulty. Remember, you don’t have to be wrong to be sued. Even a groundless lawsuit can take valuable time and income away from your practice. Legal fees can be staggering, and a significant damage could mean your bankruptcy. You simply can not afford to leave yourself exposed.

Our Group Accountants Program will provide defense counsel within your local area who specializes in professional liability and is knowledgeable in your state’s accounting practice standards. You will find our prompt and professional claims handling service superior.

Our society has become so litigious that you are tempting fate and your financial destruction if you are not protected by professional liability insurance.