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CPA Professional Liability Insurance

We’ve been providing liability insurance to accountants throughout the United States for more than 46 years and have seen lawsuits happen to even the best of CPAs with otherwise great long-term relationships with their clients. Did you know CPAs are one of the most commonly sued professionals? Don’t let yourself be the next one financial disaster.

Liability Insurance for Accountants

Lawsuits against CPAs have increased between 35-40% from 2006-2011 across the United States. Think it won’t happen to you? It just might, and if you don’t have CPA insurance, you can find yourself having to pay large amounts of money you can’t afford.  Accountable malpractice insurance provides protection for situations like these. At Betty Harder & Associates, we provide down-to-earth personal service. You can always count on talking with an extremely knowledgeable professional every time you contact us.

To learn how you can get protected from lawsuits with CPA liability insurance, contact Betty Harder & Associates at 1-800-998-1414 to get accountants insurance today.

DISCLOSURE: The information on this website is intended to be educational material only and is not intended to constitute an offer to solicit business. This material is applicable to the States where our Group Accountants Professional Liability Program is available and approved. Our Group Program does not participate in the insolvency funds in those States.